Date : 12 Feb 2016

Wheel Alignment, what is it? And why you should have it done on your car.


Wheel Alignment, you hear about it whenever you go to your local auto repair shop and see that is one the services they provide. But do you know what it means? Do you need to do it? How often? Or, what benefits can it provide for my car.

What is it?

Wheel alignment makes sure your car goes straight, Let’s put it this way, when you purchase your tires, the tires are carefully aligned by three main measurements, caster, camber, and toe. If you hit a pothole while driving your car or truck you have taken your suspension out of those measurements. That is why regular car maintenance should include alignment. Your auto repair shop has the tools and technology to get your tires properly aligned.

Other benefits.

It also can affect your wallet. Gas and tires are expensive. Your wheel alignment can have an effect your gas mileage. For your tires, alignment can help your tires life span.

Finally, safety. We all want safety not just for ourselves but our family. Wheel alignment important when it come to your vehicle’s steering and your car’s movability.

There you have, for safety and savings, make sure you have your tires aligned if your auto repairman recommends it or if you feel your car is off center when you drive straight.

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