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“It’s the transmission” is probably one of the most dreaded things we can hear from our mechanic. When your transmission goes, the costs of repair can be exorbitant, sometimes so much so that it is cheaper to get a new car!
Transmissions have a life span, whether it’s a manual transmission or an automatic. Although a manual transmission can last longer, they both will eventually need to be replaced.

How Long Will A Transmission Last?

There isn’t a clear answer for this. So much depends on how the car is driven and under what conditions. The original quality and build of the transmission is a factor. Also, a major factor is transmission maintenance. This can make the difference between a transmission that lasts for 15,000 miles and a transmission that lasts 150,000 miles.

All transmissions, manual or automatic, need maintenance. Taking good care of your vehicle and scheduling preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that you will not have to replace it before its time.
Transmission maintenance is particularly important, because this part of the car gets so much wear and tear and once it goes, it goes.

What Transmission Maintenance Will Help Reduce Repairs?

Transmission fluid flushing is a good way to keep your transmission running and should be done every two years.
In between these times, the entire transmission should be checked and serviced regularly to ensure everything is in proper working order. Scheduling regular vehicle maintenance can help catch problems before they become worse.

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