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Took in my Honda 2002 Civic because the front end was making noise and had a very bouncy ride instead of the smooth ride we were used to. We thought the struts, which had recently been replaced, had failed.  They went over the whole car and gave us a good assessment of what was needed (it turned out to be the bushings and an alignment) while we waited. I was much impressed by the mechanic who gave us a complete wish list of what he would do if it were his and gave us the choice of what we wanted to do.  His assessment was fair and honest.  We expected a colossal bill and didn’t get one.   When we went back to do the work it was all done in a day and now the car rides like it used to.  It felt really nice to feel like you have someone looking out for your best interests. We now are the proud customers of a good mechanic.

Lisa T

Coachman Automotive solved the problem and didn’t overcharge. We’re all searching for honesty and integrity when comes to help with something we may know little or nothing about. Coachman Automotive has certaintly demonstated these qualities to me.

Suzanne P

Took the car in the day before for diagnostics – no charge.  Found, as I suspected, that the compressor was bad.  They recommended using a specific type of compressor so it would not break down a few months after they repaired it.  A bit more expensive, but there is no point in fixing things if you’re not going to fix it right.  They could do the work that same day, but I had to use the car for some errands.  I even did some shopping other shops to find out what they would charge for the work, and hands down, Coachman was the best.  And the part they recommended, dead on with pricing every place I checked, so they are not cleaning out your wallet making money on selling parts – very fair, very honest, very reliable.  Not only was their price good, the people I met were very professional, very friendly, provided awesome service.  Took the car back the next day and by mid afternoon, it was completely done, not a spec of shop dirt in the car, the A/C blowing nice and cold again.  Great service when I picked it up too.
It’s just so refreshing to find a shop that you feel good about – I’ve been to a few different ones before I got Angies List and found Coachman – they are reasonable, professional, quick (not speedy, they do it right), and a pleasure to do business with.  So much so that I’m bringing my 2003 Dodge Ram to them to diagnose and resolve a problem A/C system.  And I’ll keep bringing my family’s cars to Coachman because peace of mind for a job well done is something I can live with.

Bill C

They’re VERY honest and they’ve got great rates. We’ve been taking our cars there for about 15 years. They’re excellent.  On this second incident he could have told us anything but he stated the door motor was defective. Not only did they install a new a/c door but he DID NOT charge any labor cost.  This is the best automotive repair place in the US

Richard B

I took the truck down to have them check it out after experiencing a bad noise coming from front right wheel. I was thinking a bad wheel bearing. After they checked it out, they called me and told me it was the 4wd actuator and hub assembly in front right wheel. They gave me a price to repair it and said it would be ready the next day. The next morning, Frank called and said that there was a communications problem between them and the parts guy at the Ford dealership down the road. The hub was not included with the parts delivered even though the parts guy said that it all came together as a package. Frank was very nice and upset about the situation. He did not like telling a customer a price only to have to come back the next day and go way up on it. I know this was not his fault but he still  cut me a good deal even though the fault was with the parts guy at the dealership. When I went down to pick up the truck, they took the time to get the old parts out of the trash and show me exactly what was the problem was and answered my questions and concerns. In my opinion they were very professional and just nice people to deal with. I will and have recommended Coachman Automotive to anyone who wants a good and honest auto mechanic

Douglas A

We have been using Coachman Automotive for over a decade. Frank and Frank Jr. have been honest and professional with us the entire time. I have never regretted spending a single penny on repairs or service at their business. Most recently I took my decrepit CRV in there for servicing and they made the necessary repairs. I also had my brakes serviced while the car was in the shop for the A/C. Again, I am pleased to do business with this Company. Thank you Frank and Frank and crew.

Scott D

My husband and I moved to Florida 4 years ago, we’re looking for a Automotive Service Shop other than a dealer as they try to sell more than is truly required to keep you safely on the road.
Angie’s list Yes!
Coachman Automotive had excellent reviews and on the way to my Husbands work, easy for us to drop off a vehicle when needing service. We have had good experiences there even when we had some major repairs, their prices are excellent!
Frank Sr. & Frank Jr, are Honest hard working Men who take, caring for the public and their vehicles seriously.
Thank you Coachman Automotive!!

William E

I write to rate a mere oil change because of the integrity and professionalism of this automotive repair business.  Sure, they just changed my oil but they necessarily observed other conditions of my 2008 car.  Too often with past automotive businesses, I would go in for JUST an oil change but when it was done, they presented me with a laundry list of other repairs that were alleged to be of dire need of being done or the car would fall apart.  Coachman is not like that.  They have been times when they have pointed out expensive repairs that needed to be done but, after the first time that it happened and I delayed the work to get a second opinion, I hurried back to Coachman because the other service also recommended the repair but wanted to charge much more for it!
Then, again with just a simple oil change, Coachman has never suggested that other minor parts needed replacement.  When my car was much newer, I was having maintenance done on it by a local Ford dealer.  One time, the service manager wanted to fight me because I refused to allow Ford to replace my air filter, at an exaggerated price, when I do it myself in five minutes for less than $15!
Sometimes more is less; sometimes less is more.  Coachman deals straight up and does a very competent job.  A good, reliable automotive repair shop is priceless.

Walter M

Wow. What a Great experience. A place a Woman can TRUST!Our Grandfather passed and left us a very nice GMC truck. After researching and talking with many people in our area Coachman was hands down best word that I found, Besides Angies list . So I drove over to Coachman and spoke with Frank Jr. regarding the possible work we needed done on the GMC and He gave me a quote. ( Frank Jr. and Sr. are very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable). I made appointment dropped off the GMC with the parts. They did a great job replaced parts that needed replaced, inspected everything and did a great job. Parts on the GMC we thought needed replaced but were fine the left alone after inspection and left the parts for future needs..Honest! Thanks Frank Jr. and Sr. You will have my business from now on! A+++

Amy A

Air conditioning evaporator, tune-up, 4 new tires, wheel alignment, new break light switch, and several other little items. I called and spoke with Frank on Monday,told him the issues and I had Thursdays off, he told me to bring it in Thursday morning and he would give me an estimate. I dropped it off Thursday morning and he called me about an hour later with the estimate on the repairs. I told him to go ahead and do all the repairs and couldn’t believe my car was done the next morning. Very professional, responsible, and reasonable. I’m a single lady and had been told my car needed breaks from a different automotive service center, when Frank called with the estimate he said it didn’t need breaks. It’s important to me as a single lady to have someone I can take my car to that I can trust. You can count on it I will be using Frank and his team for all my future vehicle services and repairs and would recommend him highly to others.

Kelly L

I brought my 2009 Nissan Altima to Coachman Automotives for a second opinion. My dealership told me I needed a very costly repair within the next few months- replacement of both front lower arms on car. After checking the car and test driving it, Frank Sr advised me that I did not need the repair done, the front lower arms were fine. I requested the transmission service and spark plug replacement during my visit and it was done within an hour. I will no longer allow the Nissan dealership to maintain my car, I will have all of my service and repair work done at Coachman Automotives. I highly recommend them.

Marilyn O

Have a 2000 Olds Intrigue with a problem with the left front blinker .  Had it looked at and the bulb changed at a major dealer, with the repair not lasting.  Took it to Coachman, they knew what the problem would be with my car, and repaired it with one hour (had to get a new turn signal socket).  Professional, knowledgeable and fairly priced service has me as a repeat customer.

Marcia G
Coachman fixed all my windows, a backseat light and my temperature control dial.
These were all “comfort” fixes – none necessary to my vehicle but still features I would like to have functioning. Frank and his team are always accommodating, quick, and very affordable. I only come here! They are the best – the reviews are all true. So happy to have a trusted affordable mechanic.
John B

Replaced oil pressure gauge, oil change, reviewed service engine soon light, and performed an inspection

It went extremely well and they take care of their customers. They find actual issues and fix them, rather than just making stuff up like many other in their industry do. I will be taking all of my cars there in the future

Ryan O

In November, they installed three new coils (out of six in the engine of my 2005 Nissan Murano).

A couple of weeks ago, the engine began stalling intermittently while driving.  After a few days it stopped stalling, but began running rough off and on.  We had diagnostics done at a parts store, which was inconclusive.  This morning, my stepson replaced a few parts he thought might solve the problem, which made a material improvement, but did not solve the problem completely.  He also had another diagnostic done and this time it clearly indicated that coil 5 was defective.

We then took the car back to Coachman Automotie and told Frank about the diagnostic and that we did not know whether coil  5 was one of the ones previously replaced or not.  This probably was not the brightest approach, but I rembered the very positive reviews on Angie’s List and the certificates of excellent service on the office wall. He promised to check it, but probably would not be able to get to it for three to four hours. He called me in less than two hours and had it all done and that coil 5 was, indeed, one of those he had replaced and that there would be no charge for replacing it.  Had the coil not been one they installed in November the bill woulf probably have been the $1.200+ I had paid in November due to the replacement of related parts.

I am no longer worried about the retirement of my previous mechanic, who was also excellent and honest.

Thomas H
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