Auto Transmission

Does my transmission need to be repaired?

“Your transmission needs to be replaced”.  The five words we most dread to hear. Transmission repairs can be very expensive. It can cost you up to $2,500 to replace a transmission. It can also be as less as $150, if it needs a minor repair. This is why is so important to be aware...

Auto Repair & Maintenance – Tips for Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance Transmission troubles are no fun and one of the most expensive repairs or replacements on a vehicle. Depending on the car and the quality of the original parts, a transmission can last for years, even for the duration of car ownership, especially today,...

Auto Repair & Maintenance – Transmission Maintenance Services Reduce Vehicle Repair Costs

“It’s the transmission” is probably one of the most dreaded things we can hear from our mechanic. When your transmission goes, the costs of repair can be exorbitant, sometimes so much so that it is cheaper to get a new car! Transmissions have a life span,...
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