Survival Guide for road trips.

Family Vacation

Before hitting the road make sure your car is ready!

Spring Break is coming soon! Planning to hit the road for a nice vacation with the family?  The key word is plan, don’t start driving until you go over a survival kit.  This plan will save you money, time and most of all, your sanity

Before packing the sun block and cooler be sure to do the following items to make sure your car is ready for your road trip.

Car Tune-up

Car Tune-up

Tune up

If your car is due for an oil change you may want to do it before your trip and include a Tune up while you are having it done.   You do not want an unexpected car issue while on the road during your vacation.  This can interfere with travel expenses and most of take time away from your vacation.


GPS or Map App

GPS System

GPS or a smartphone with a map app.

You may have directions to your destination printed out, however, keep in mind, detours and road work may get in your way.  A good GPS will not only get you to your destinations, but also any restaurants, site seeing land marks and most of all getting back to your hotel from these places. Also, use an up to date paper map in case your technology goes bad.  AAA Auto club provides maps and travel books free for their members.

Emergency kit for your car

Be like a scout, Be Prepared!  Be ready for any unplanned problem.  Be sure to pack a flashlight, batteries, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, tire inflator, bottled water, an umbrella and AAA Auto Club card for road side emergencies. The DMV website has a more detailed version for a car emergency kit.

No so emergency kit

Want to make sure you and your travel crew are comfortable during your trip.  Keep in your car, tissues, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes and change for parking, air and vacuuming your car.


Chargers for your electronic devices

Device chargers

These days we cannot go anywhere without our electronic devices.  If you plan to bring your phone (who wouldn’t?), iPad, laptop or portable game, make sure you pack the charges for those items.  If it has no power then these devices are just taking up space.

Do an around the car inspection before you venture out on the road.

  • Check the tire pressure, good tire pressure will help your gas mileage and safety for your family.
  • Check your tires for wear and tear.  If they are due to be replaced its best to this done before your vacation.
  • Check oil level.  Make sure it is full.  If you are due for an oil change best to do it before it interferes with your vacation.
  • Check your windshield, cleaning fluid and Wiper Blades.
  • If you are experiencing problems with your car’s heating or air conditioning system bring it in for servicing.

There you go!  Now that you are prepared, you are ready for your get a way and have a fun and relaxing adventure with your family.

If you need an oil change or tune up, bring your car in to our expert auto repair experts at Coachman Automotive. Give us a call at (727)-799-1561 to make an appointment,

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