Date : 02 Aug 2015

Auto Repair & Maintenance – Steering Wheel Shaking?

Wheel Allignments

Problem: My steering wheel shakes

It usually starts out of the blue, and on the highway. As the driver accelerates, he notices that the steering wheel is shaking, just slightly. It starts out as just a small shake, but over time the shaking increases.

This can feel alarming, especially for those who don’t know what is going on. The shaking increases with speed, making driving at high speeds on the freeway disconcerting.

So what is it? It is likely warped front brake rotors.

What Can I Do When My Steering Wheel Shakes?

If you notice this shaking, your best bet is to bring your vehicle in immediately. First, you want to make sure that it is indeed the rotors, which it almost always is. Second, the problem will only get worse, so it needs to be addressed.

What Causes Warped Rotors?

There are a few possible causes. A problem with your break system can be the issue, or it can be driving habits. If you break hard and frequently, or you drive a lot of hills, your rotors may become warped. Also, if your wheel has been over-torqued, problems will eventually occur.

Getting a thorough inspection of your break system and wheels is essential. As for the rotors, you have two choices: Have them machined, or replace them. Afterward, talk to your mechanic about ways to prevent warping in the future. He may make fixes to your break system, wheels, or give you some advice for going easier on your breaks.

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