Date : 22 Feb 2016

Do I Need Air Conditioning Service On My Car?

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Air conditioning, you do not realize how much you need it until it breaks!  Especially here in Florida!  How about your car?  You spend a large portion of your life in your automobile for commuting to work, running errands, trips and just getting from point A to point B.  That is why having your car’s air conditioning serviced regularly should be a required routine, like getting your car’s oil changed.

Getting regular A/C Service

According to AC Southeast it’s a best practice to have your car’s A/C serviced each spring before the weather gets really hot in Florida.  You will be thanking me for this advice when it get to 98 degrees and you not sweating it in your automobile.

Also if you get it serviced regularly, you will not have to pay a larger bill later when it just breaks down and really cause a problem. It also lengthens the life of your car’s air conditioning system.

Signs of a problem

Aside from regular services look out for signs your car’s A/C system could have an issue, such as warm or hot air blowing from the vents.  This could mean a fuse has blown out.  Another sign is an odd smell coming from the car’s fan when you turn it on as well strange noises.  If any this occurs, bring your car in for service before it causes a bigger problem.

To quote a founding father, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

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