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Transmission Tips - Coachman Automotive

Transmission Tips – Coachman Automotive

Transmission Maintenance

Transmission troubles are no fun and one of the most expensive repairs or replacements on a vehicle. Depending on the car and the quality of the original parts, a transmission can last for years, even for the duration of car ownership, especially today, since most people don’t own their vehicles for more than a few years.

With transmission repair costs so high, it makes sense to avoid them, but this doesn’t mean neglecting them. Any time a transmission problem is suspected, it must be addressed right away. Putting it off increases damage and thus increases cost.

Aside from being sure to take the vehicle in any time there is a problem, transmission maintenance is the best way to keep things running smoothly. Prevention is the best medicine here.

Tips For Transmission Maintenance

There are two main variables when it comes to the life of a transmission: Maintenance and driving conditions. A transmission that is maintained will simply last longer.

As far as driving conditions, taking things easy on the car makes a difference. Sometimes though, certain conditions are unavoidable. Some people live in areas with lots of hills and other conditions that take a toll on the transmission. But overall, not putting additional strain on the transmission is one way to make it last longer.

Replacing transmission fluid on a regular basis is another easy, inexpensive practice that makes a huge difference. This should be done at least once a year. This is also a good time to have the system checked to make sure things are in good working order. Regular transmission maintenance helps improve performance and the life of the vehicle.

Don’t neglect overheating problems. If the vehicle is overheating, even a little bit, it will put unnecessary strain on the transmission. It is a good idea to have the cooling system serviced on a regular basis.

Keep the engine tuned. The vehicles systems all work together. When one part of the vehicle isn’t running properly, it puts strain on other systems.

Really, it all comes down to maintenance. Although it can be a pain and it costs money, it is nothing compared to the cost and inconvenience of a break down and the need for transmission replacement.

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